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Tree Planting and Transplanting in New Jersey NJ

Arboretum Gardens specializes in Tree Transplanting and Moving in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Transplanting trees is a cost effective way to have larger trees for much less than what it would cost to purchase new trees from a nursery. Sometimes a tree has grown too large for its location and needs to be removed; instead of destroying such a wonderful resource, we can move the tree or shrub elsewhere on your property or another nearby New Jersey or Pennsylvania location.

We strive for the highest rate of survival of your planted or transplanted tree, and we will utilize our expertise to ensure optimal health of any trees we move. We will give you an honest assessment on whether the tree(s) should be moved and possible survival rate, as well as best times to move throughout the year. Written instructions are provided for the care of your transplanted tree, and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Tree Planting and Transplanting in New Jersey NJ

Our Tree Transplanting Process

Our Tree Spades, which range from 36" to 90", can move trees up to 12" caliper and evergreens up to 35' tall. The spades dig an optimal root ball, which promotes root growth and better future sustainability. We also add the highest quality slow release supplements which are specially formulated by our company; this enhances the tree roots and feeds them while the trees are adjusting, and even while they're dormant. Our employees are meticulous in tying the branches and limbs properly so as to not damage the trees when spading and transporting them. We use the most up-to-date equipment to move trees to the site where they're being planted or transplanted. We also can move smaller trees and shrubs using different sized tree spades and/or various machines to dig them. We use flotation tires on many of our machines to minimize damage to turf and lawnscapes.

Sometimes it is necessary to hand dig certain species of trees and/or larger trees. We are specialists in this area and take all possible precautions in delivering this service. We can even dig your trees and place them in a holding area until you are ready to place them.

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If you are looking to get trees transplanted or moved, or have us plant trees in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, call the Tree Transplanting experts at Arboretum Gardens at 609-466-0600.

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